chaos space marines

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Wh Песочница chaos space marines хаос Кхарн правила формации длиннопост ...Warhammer 40000 фэндомы 

Сканы новых правил на Кхарна, ХСМ и формации. Качество какое есть.

.•■	'*.i АаШ'клЛ

t f---*-----1--1--1----»--Г • I I »	"	" WWW »
(IDik < ruiAdf Driirhmrnh arc used rucluiKcly by Ihf forcei oftbc Chao* Space Marines Ibt- ruW'» brkm i you to organise ilie model* in sour Chaos Space Marine collection of miniature* to represent one of tbrtr

ш л( :к (:rusade detachment
IV Bl*k CrT(!''	«О represent the typical structure of a Chaos Space Marine*  ..
Ьа.ЧеПгК». " betlier yon w»h to Ьг.пц «loath and destruction with the full might of д Chao, force, nr field ...	usked »..h some dark purpose, the choices below offer a great «q to

Ml |I»»«I <»•" ,H*	and ;* powerful new
at w«rgr»r. Tactical CWJ
---- Mil
I • ,ni, Bombardment: II ih.s ши. ... ..
a................	.....
cannon*. squadron ran fire a smgle Lint-breaker
Bombardment instead ol liring normally. Го do so
патЫмг one

WS BS S T w I A Ld Sv Kharn the Bet raver 7554354 10 3*
•	Plasma pistol
•	Krak grenades
•	Aura of dark glory
• Hatred Incarnate
•	Champion of Chaos
•	Fearless
•	Furious Charge
•	Independent Character
•	Mark of Khorne
•	Veterans of the Long

------- v..........S„.V „шаг. and blood simays hioh ns Z....77	'A' "“П	1Л* thr
is a hacking, tearing bludgeoning riot of butchery os I	h"' ’‘"P in,n lh' "/	...../•-	/• ’	»
Hood red downpour falls from the chumino clouds / Г" . *! " м Ь Кл"гпЛ	'«"O'" ™'”;	ik, sk„s.
ъ	о < nve the Berzerhers to

# I

7’Af i.vjrnoM of the Chaos Warband umr with* to the Dark God* as they storm into battle. They tire led by thr greatest champion amongst their ranks, a Chaos t.ord whose My and mind burn with nirw/ might. Beneath his gttnceringgax*, the traitorous warriors of thr warband

I hr	ипыгшг d might о/ the Trinitу of Blood is enough to annihilate armies and burn worlds. Hit earth-shaking tremor of their
grinding tracks brings buildings crashingdown and hurls enemy teaman from then feet, b.irry trashing trolley from the Daemon higtn/s'
. . .л/, unites entile regiments

^ > t t f T~T *	1
/ • * Favoured of < :ht70\ tof* into battle burning u itb unholy power. Messed by the tmuh of (hr Park Gedf, gam body and soul to the .’•jm/miV energir % that Suffuse their frames, thru- uured slaughterers are at momtroui in tuptti a\ they art dew

; : Affront of thr ( Jiaos offenxnt come thr Raptcn Talons, junp parks holding as thru predatory uairsors swoop into battlr wing the keen prrdaton srnus of (hr Chaos lx/rd at its fort, a Raptor Talon iwtp\ around to тпгЫг thr rnrmy or fdungrs doom t . high, straight into (hr thuk of b*Utlr

	Cj w-	m	4,	
DR	j W 3. 1Щ7*1	г	Dr	/<
	** 	- • ^ '.>*■* m				ГЧ/ Щ / /
fke irwnw'<[ fun о/the Fist о/ the (Unis i mashes enemy battle linn asunder and brings ninny strongholds crushing down in ruin. Iron n*i (kurv. through mud and tvfdrle. Gargoyle maued hrairy weafxms thump shot

*	Wirpunitht
*	udiu rho4on in an ’•tn ilir following li»c f*hJitcrMor% Mutilator*
ГfJ f.ult
oj tirstnuium smashes and Haiti ity way остом thr battlr/irld in a hideously mrthodi/alfashion. !t\ Mutilators and OUitrrutms a it/ady, grinding ad\*anre%

/•./ , /и, у et ,j I the H'Uraks Terror Pack sweeps into battle. These blade winged Daemon Engines soar at the forefront oj the Chaos -1 .	' aloft /п /Л/	of Heath. Spitting gunfire, the Heldrakes spread fear and panic like a plague. Potent daemonic runes are
. »u:	• 'A •	<•/ /Лму Daemon Engines,

mechanical roan etho across the battlefield ал the Hdforgtd Warpath hunts for flesh and blood. Claiming forwards amidst hauls of sulphurous straw, the monstrous machines stalk their pm. For mam terrified victims, the fust things they see are the ' then hunters, they glow through the smoke and fume

t;w Maiir.g with fanaticalfervour, the mortal servants о/ the Mae* can themuhres trailing} onto the Moody altar of war Whipped into a finny by the rhetoric cf the Dark Apart* in their m id it. urn* upon teen* of CultisU spill* arrow the buttle field. They rafodr\f#mU cries


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