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Necrons Wh Песочница сделал сам стихи ...Warhammer 40000 фэндомы 

History of the necrontyr-necrons in a nutshell.

The Green Glow

From very birth cursed they have been
Dying of plague were Necrontyr
Under the glow of native sun
Their own fates were been undone

Then they have built from living steel
Space ships which made survival real
To distant stars flew Necrontyr
And no more doomed, they had no fear

Civilization thrived among stars
But Necrontyr still beared their scars
Albeit free from plaguing light
Gene mutilations were hard to fight

Then Necrontyr have Old Ones met
Those who lived long and sculpted fates
Deepest chagrin possessed their hearts
For immense length of Old Ones' lives

The War in Skies then had begun
Old Ones forced Necrontyr to run
Their greater numbers have not won the war
For Old Ones were masters of the Warp

The Necrontyr defeated were
And hatred grew towards their foe
Then found was that native sun
Held power of the great C'tan

From necrodermis - the living steel
Bodies for Gods have built Necrontyr
C'tan have accepted it with delight
Powers were granted Old Ones to smite

Maphet'ran the Deceiver, one of C'tan
Offered salvation from physical harm
From the pains and diseases the Necrontyrs' bane
Only one realized - price shall be insane

Through bio transference whole race have went
They thought it will be misfortune's end,
Their new bodies like ones of the Gods'
C'tan gorged their souls - that was the price

Feeding on souls C'tan powers grew
Szarekh realized the Diviner said truth
He understood that his kin - Necrontyr
Robbed of their souls became just machines

Old Ones were failing to match Necrons' scores
Web-way was breached with Nyadra'zath's force
Galaxy was in the hands of C'tan
They and Necrons have Red harvests begun.

Whole planets razed and races devoured
C'tans' hunger for lives knew not a bound
Then legends tell that the Great Harlequin
Fooled the C'tan and they killed their kin

After this war only strongest remained
Slaughter of races made Warp inflamed
Necron empire under psykers’ attack
Unseen in the Warp such powers lack

All of the dynasties together once more
Necrons have united against common foe
Great plan of C’tan to shut off the Warp
As though meteor seemed unreal to be stopped

War of the ancients came to culmination
No living soul spared from evisceration
With their pain rose storms in the Warp
No Old Ones nor C’tan have this foretold.

Immaterium’s depths shaking with spasm
Void predators first-borns of chasm
Created and weaved from mortals’ emotions
Enslavers Plague caused great Warp distortions

This was the end to the Old Ones empire
Shattered and smitten they ceased in fire
But the Star Gods’ glee was not meant to end well
Silent King Szarekh leaded rebel

Weapons were charged, powers were aimed
Such was the strike, no C’tan could withstand
Shattered to pieces slaves they became
Necrons once fooled, now their bane

To stop the spread of Enslavers’ hordes
All life was wiped of Necron worlds
Plan was developed what’s lost to regain
Necrons to have living souls once again

To be once more living, have feelings and souls
Free from C’tan, for this strive Necrons
Ten millions of years command was to sleep
Ten millions of years multiplied by six

But the great slumber came to its end
Perilous changes already at hand
Szarekh the head of his people afresh
Under his tread will the Galaxy thrash.

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